The United States Education System Essay examples

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Is the United States Education System a Failing One? The United States Mathematics has one of the lowest rankings in the world today. This is very eye awakening since the United States has been seen as having a well-respected education system for years. The big question is, is the United States education system failing? With the U.S. system going down more and more and not seeing much improvement it can be considered a failing system. Education in the United States can be considered a failing system today.
Students are not ready for College
Many different factors prove that students in the United States today are simply not ready for college. First, a huge readiness gap has formed between high school and college. According to Higher Education in 2011, 60% of college freshman every year devastatingly learn that they are not really as “college ready” as they thought they were. The majority did everything they were told to do before college and thought they were good; however, starting college they learn that they are being placed into credit recovery classes. Remedial classes that they have to spend their money on, and they are classes that do not even count to their degree. Because “college ready” in high school is not necessarily “college ready” in college now. The readiness gap, as it is called, is now getting uncontrollably huge. A graph on Higher Education shows how big the gap has become. As seen here, the readiness gap is extremely larger for nonselective…

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