The United States Education System Essay

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The United States Education System
The Education system of the U.S is indeed possible questionable based on the information provided in “Restructuring The Modern Education System In The United States: A Look At The Value Of Compulsory Education Laws” by Chelsea Chicosky. Her findings suggest that compulsory laws; which are created by states to a period of education that is required of all persons and is imposed by law, are actually not helping at all. One example is the article states “Unlike early America, the diversity in modern approaches to education dispels the need for compulsory education laws for older students” (site here). To further add, compulsory education laws are not effective because even when students are present if there is little or no motivation or desire to learn and do well, said students will disrupt the learning environment of others. Another point made is that there is “no common, stated goal for education” (site here). The United States should set and achieve goals that are appropriate, such as preparing the Nation’s youth to apply basic knowledge to complex problems and to contribute to society in a meaningful way, as stated by the author “Education is at the heart of the evolution of American society” (site here).But sadly the Supreme Court had not ruled that education as a fundamental right, but they have noted that education is perhaps the most important function of state and local governments (site here). This brings me to the final issue with…

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