The United States During World War II Essay

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After World War II the United States seemed to "open up from its shell" of isolationism. Due to unforeseen circumstances the US military had to intervene in the global catastrophe and fight which in turn interrupted their current policy of isolationism they had been maintaining basically since George Washington times. This transfer from isolationism got the US way more involved and in touch with the rest of the world. This change affected the United States in three major ways. It made the United States a global power, the United States now gets involved with everything and women began to have a more productive place in the workforce. During the Second World War the United States had to draft and deploy a substantial amount of the men in the United States which led to the addition of women in the workplace. Having women in the workplace no matter the circumstances was a major change from their traditional roles in society. Many women had to take men 's jobs to keep the economy stable,and in fact the economy flourished because so many other nations needed materials for and since we had just joined the war we were nothing short of an industrial powerhouse. This drastic change of the workforce demographic was nothing short of revolutionary development in American history. Women have always been looked down on as the inferior sex and they should be the be the ones staying at home raising the children but they were actually given an opportunity during this time to showcase the…

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