The United States Department Of Health And Human Services Website

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(Child). The government document I found was through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website. To find this document, I started on the library’s homepage and clicked the link library guides and then government documents. Next, I accessed the U.S.A. government section and choose to search. In the search bar, I typed in child abuse neglect and found a document titled “Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics”. This source would contribute great statistical data to use with my paper. It will provide concrete evidence to support the details of my paper and work well with the other sources I have. The source is also very reliable and from a trusted source, making the information very valuable. The Children’s Bureau (CB) sponsors this site. The CB partners with federal, state, tribal and local agencies to improve the overall health and well-being of our nation’s children and families. The CB is the first federal agency within the U.S. Government – and in fact, the world – to focus exclusively on improving the lives of children and families. There are six documented sources of data for this document. The audience for this document would consist of researchers and other areas of government involved in child protective services. (Effects). To find a website source, I used the search engine Google and searched the term effects of child abuse/ neglect. There were over 1,030,000 results, I looked at five of them. I was able to find an article titled…

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