The United States ' Criminal Justice System Essays

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I chose to compare and contrast the United States’ criminal justice system with England’s system. One significant aspect of the United States’ criminal justice system is due process. Due process is defined by as “the principle that an individual cannot be deprived of life, liberty, or property without appropriate legal procedures and safe guards (”. There are many similarities and differences between these two countries, and this paper is aimed to show how both of their criminal justice systems operate.

There are many factors that make the United States one of the best nations in the world. One of those factors is our unique criminal justice system. The United States’ criminal justice system is made of many agencies that are sworn to protect and uphold the law. The criminal justice system in this country is defined as a set of agencies and policies set up by the government to prevent crime and punish the individuals who break the laws. Throughout the United States there are different jurisdictions that are in charge of controlling crime. Different jurisdictions have a diverse set of laws. These jurisdictions are city, county, state, federal, or military installation. The two main jurisdictions are the state and federal jurisdictions. The state handles crimes that happen in that particular state, whereas, the federal handles crimes that happen on federal property or crimes that involve more than one state.

Our system has five major…

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