The United States Court System Essay

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If you go out and about within our country and you ask people if they knew very much about the United States court system, they will most likely tell you that they do not know very much about the court system unless they have been involved with the court system whether it be federal or state level. Most people do not realize that the court systems have three levels within them or that there is certain situation that will allow you to get to one level or the other. There is a whole lot of information that some people may not know. They may not know about judicial review and how it came about. Some people may not even know how justices decide the ruling of their cases. All of this will be discussed to hopefully let others to able to get the knowledge they may not otherwise know. And knowledge is a very important thing to have because then decisions can be made and matters can be dealt with in a very timely manner. The United States Court System of the both the federal and state level have three levels within them. They have the district court, the circuit court, and the supreme court. The district court is the first level of the court system. It is where the lowest level of crimes and situations go into the decision making processes. The circuit court is the second level of the system. It is where the higher level of the crimes and situations go as well as the cases that were not satisfied with the court ruling in the district court go to see if they can get another view on…

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