The United States Constitution : A Just Document Essay

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The United States Constitution: A just document The United States Constitution has it 's final draft submitted and receives acceptance by thirty-nine of the remaining forty-two delegates today in Philadelphia (Sidlow and Henschen 37). I have received and read a copy of this Constitution given to me by an anonymous source and will go into detail on what this new document proposes. After reading this document, I 'm sure there are many questions that would concern us all. What extent of power does this document give to the new centralized National Government, and how does it affect the several state 's ability to delegate power within themselves? What type of government does this Constitution establish and, is a Constitution truly necessary with the present Articles of Confederation in effect? In this editorial, I will explain why the ratification of this Constitution will be a game changer for the American people, and why it is ultimately a necessity for the commonwealth of America. It has been too long that the American people have been separated through individual states without guidance. After our hard fought battle for Independence, it is imperative that we stay a unified nation, impart by allowing a guiding hand push us forward. A centralized government allows a unified common currency, a formal system of government, and an overall sense of stability within the states. The distribution of power as stated in the Constitution, allows the formation of three branches of…

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