The United States Benefits From Undocumented Families And Workers

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Critical Thinking Writing Assignment #2
Question 1
The United States benefits from undocumented families and workers because it’s a source of cheap labor and helps keep prices down in the U.S. For example, undocumented workers technically cannot work in the United States because they don’t have the proper information like social security or proof of being a U.S. citizen or resident. Fortunately for undocumented workers, there are companies or business owners that are willing to give them a job. As you can see in the film, many undocumented workers work out in the field picking fruits and vegetable. They get paid under the table which means the work they did isn’t documented, and they receive their pay in cash. Since undocumented workers usually can’t get any other job, they are forced to work out in the field which is hard work and get paid poorly. It is the only way they can surviving in the U.S. Since its cheap to produce the product, and prices will stay the same due to the profit the United States is making.
Question 2
A. I honestly can’t believe that people agreed to pass the law. Instead of taking a step forward in this country, we took a step backward. What gives people the right to choose who belongs in this country and who doesn’t? If you think about, none of us own anything so why do we act like we do? When people say, “This is my land and not yours.” It makes no sense to me. Yes, I understand you were born in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean you own the land. I…

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