The United States And War Against Great Britain Essay

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The United States went to war against Great Britain, and eventually signed a treaty that ended the Revolutionary War on September 2, 1783. “It was not war- it was murder” (Ferling 25) The road to freedom wasn 't so easy, and it was for certain bloody, with death tolls pushing numbers close to 620,000. During the beginnings of the war, and even during the actual war, the United States were scrambling to change the ideology of the people against Britain and to accept the idea of Independence, and that we could indeed have a free nation there in the United States, all the while creating an army to defeat Britain and gain the aforementioned freedom, in soon to be the one of the biggest wars in our history. Getting to this war was not a simple task, as even back then not everyone supported the idea of a free Democratic nation governed by the people, such as the people who were hired or put in their place of power by the British, and the colonists who felt like they were dampened by the British reign, and wanted to start a new life, and a new form of government. In comes Thomas Paine, best known for writing one of the best pamphlets to gain more followers of independance. “Pamphlets were a popular means of influencing the debate, and Paine hoped to write one that would tip the balance in favor of independence.” (American Histories 137) Paine was author, and infamous person to the American Revolution. He was seen to a lot of people as a low life alcoholic who beat two of his…

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