The United States And The Middle East Essay

993 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
Most recently, the United States has been involved more than ever in the Middle East. The Middle East is such a vital area to the United States because of the oil interests of the area, and also due to the fact it harbors many terrorist groups that pose risks to the country. In the mid 1980’s a war had erupted between Iraq and Iran. The United States was supporting Iraq and its leader Saddam Hussein. Hussein was absolute awful tyrant, but the US viewed him as an ally especially against Iran. Iran had a revolution, a decade prior and they had ousted a leader who was supported by the US. The war costs at least both sides 100,000 deaths and tightened the grip of Saddam’s power in Iraq. Saddam after the war would massacre hundreds of thousands of people in his own country. This genocide was not troubling enough for the US to act military. Then in the early 1990’s Iraq invaded oil-enriched Kuwait and this compelled the US to show its militaristic power. The US with various other countries swept and quickly stopped all Iraqi forces in Kuwait. What occurred after this war was the US’s permanent residence in the Middle East. The US would construct various military bases in several countries such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. What is unusual is that the US operates in these countries even though they share the same ideals as the enemies they are fighting. The main difference is that they are not doing anything that is bad enough to cause the US to back out. Still many of these Middle…

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