The United States And The Colonial Era Essay

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The United States experienced a flood of immigrants from all over the world, during the 1860’s to the 1920’s, which can also be called the colonial era. The immigrants that entered the United States had many intentions to improve there life. Whether they come for another chance at life, or they come to escape battles, The United States was the go-to option. The United States is home to the American flag, which symbolizes freedom and protection, which is exactly what these immigrants wanted and needed. An example of a popular immigrant group that came to the United States were the Italians. Immigration from Italy to the United States included all of Southern Italy from Abruzzi and Calabria all the way to Sicily. Italy at the time it was once unified, was primarily an agricultural country and not a rich one. About one third of the land was pure mountain or swamp lands, another third of Italy contained pastures and dense forests. Even though the poverty of Italy’s soil was demoralizing, Italy’s population boomed to over twenty seven million in 1871. Italy was at a time where they were living at a density higher than the French or the Germans. Italy was once a giant country in 1861, later in the year, Italy was divided into two groups, one being Northern Italy and the other Southern Italy. At this time there were many peasants and farmers in Southern Italy who mainly thrived in Mezzogiorno. “Those Italians who emigrated from the Mezzogiorno were largely of the peasant class…

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