Essay about The United States Agency For International Development

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Opposition against the Syrian Government escalated to civil war with unprecedented consequences in March 2011. This is perhaps the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world with millions of victims fleeing for their lives. Syrians that escape the violence of the war face the violence of hunger, illness, and homelessness. There is an overwhelming need to resettle refugees in neighboring countries and provide humanitarian relief. Four and a half million Syrian refugees rely on organizations like the International Rescue Committee for health care, food security, shelter and education. IRC staff integrity when handling contracts with vendors in host countries is fundamental to delivering humanitarian aid to refugees.

Ann Calvaresi Barr, Inspector General for the United States Agency for International Development found two of the International Rescue Committee’s staff in January 2016 were involved in contract bribes. Staff members knowingly accepted money from vendors selling goods for aid packages in exchange for steering contracts with specific vendors. The bribes violated both federal and antitrust statutes by having conspired with each other in order to financially profit for self-benefit. Ethics violations by the employees halted millions of dollars for much needed aid. United States government financial support was withheld until this investigation was resolved. The devastating effects of the halted aid must be the International Rescue Committee’s…

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