The United States After World War II Essays

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The United States following World War II underwent a transformation that would change its role in the world forever. With the Soviet threat of communism looming over an increasing number of nations’ heads, the United States took on the responsibility of containing communism to stop its spread. In doing this America became a “World Police” patrolling the world and protecting nations from the threat of communism. In order to remain aligned with other democratic nations, for the first time ever, The United States involved itself in the peacetime alliance NATO. The threat of the Soviets also created the desire for covert operations in order to keep an eye on the Soviet’s plans militarily and technologically. This was why the United States created the CIA. During the Cold War, The United States became an influential world power to protect nations from communism, in addition to the creation of new programs in order to stand superior to the Soviets economically, militarily, and technologically. However, when failure abroad began to occur, The United States lost its respect from other nations as a world power.
The role of The United States in the world was very apparent following World War II. The world knew the United States was a force to be reckoned with after the dropping of the Atomic bombs in Japan. President Truman understood the strength of the Soviets was just as large as the United States’ and the fear of communism began to sink in after the public alliance between China…

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