The United States : A Better Life Will Never Be Easy Essay

1704 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
A journal to a better life will never be easy. The only way for anyone that is looking for a better life must migrate. Over thousands of years ago, human beings were doing just that and is still continued today. It may take multiple times to reach the destination but, others may beg to differ. Over millions of immigrant travel to America for a better life. It not just the people of Mexico or Cuba that travel great distant to be in America. There are people from the Caribbean islands to African and so forth. Every human in the United States should be consider as an immigrant because our ancestors wasn’t established in United States; unless you are naïve Americans. The United States is a nation of immigrants but the issue can sometime be focus on a small portion of it. The immigration issues in the contemporary culture is that some people in the United States do not know is how difficult it is for them to reach the states and the first think that come to mind about immigrants that migrate to states are only from Mexico or Cuba. That is not the case for thousands that are willing to start all over again are not part of these stereotypes. According to the Department of Homeland security, it is not just people from Mexico that are highly populated in immigrants. In this image that was created by Giorgio Cavaggion but, data was used from Homeland Security. It shows different countries that you wouldn’t think would be populated in these varies states. Who would think that Texas…

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