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The United Sates Postal Service (USPS) founded in 1775, is a federal agency that is responsible of providing postal services to citizens at a standard cost independently of location. USPS is the only delivery service institution that reaches around 150 million addresses around the country. USPS annual revenue is 65 billion for the closing fiscal year of 2012, and it also delivers around 40% of the world’s mail (David, 2015).
USPS source of incomes is based on the sale of postages, and product services such as: first class mail, standard mail, and packages delivery. First class is the prime income generator with an estimated earning of 45% of total revenues .It allows customers to ship items up to 70lbs, and it also includes
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USPS Chief Financial Officer, Joseph Corbett, has pointed out that a major weakness that the company has is the inability to improve its liquidity. USPS 2011 current ratio was 0.14:1 compare to its current ratio of 0.10:1 as the end of the fiscal year of 2012 portray .In addition to the financial weakness that USPS has, it is equally important to recognize that an absence of legislative reform on behalf of the government delays the possibility of a structural organizational change in order to improve the management, financial, production, and operation areas within the organization As a result USPS has a lack of immediacy to create more effective strategic plans in order to improve and be more competitive (Posch, 2000). The strategic plan design to improve areas such as the reboot of the standard mail service will allow the organization to earn more substantial revenues. However, the implementation stage needs to have the appropriate tools in order to ease transitional changes (Hacker, …show more content…
The tracking mail service will also develop a more effective 1 to 3 days delivery service that will allow USPS to be more effective. In the same way that the priority mail service has changes, It is also needed to reboot the standard mail service by implementing marketing strategies to sell the positive attributes of such service mail. Furthermore, USPS has an international presence, which could help the organization to expand operations as well as increase its liquidity (David, 2015). THREATS USPS currently has the imminent threat of having customers using more technological devices to communicate such as: text messages, online service payments instead of sending letters or correspondence through the postal service.
USPS has the United Parcel Service as a strong competitor that has the largest logistics company based on revenue and package volume (David,

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