The United Nations ( Un ) Security Council Essay

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By December 4, 1979, the US had already frozen Iran’s assets, oil imports were stopped and diplomatic relations were ceased, now the United Nations (UN) Security Council would pass a resolution calling for Iran to release the hostages. The sentiment, at least in the western world, was growing, during the weeks before Christmas of 1979, over the plight of the American hostages, the media which was already giving daily reports on the government’s release attempts, hostage updates or the effects on the families of the hostages was now playing on the emotional stat of America by televising reports of children sending the hostages Christmas cards and of President Carter suspending the lighting of the national Christmas tree (Skow, 1981). These insights involving the crisis by the media would grow a national unity that has not been experienced since WWII. Around this time the Shah, who has been receiving treatment for cancer at Cornell Medical Center leaves the US for the state of Panama. Now a major demand of the revolutionary students was out of the hands of the American government and no longer a possibility to reduce the effects of the crisis. On January 28, 1980 the American government is made aware that six unaccounted American from the initial embassy seizure, had fled Iran with the assistance of officers from the Canadian Embassy. The information is used to set forth a plan by the American Armed Forces to rescue the hostages. In prelude to the plan for rescue the US sever…

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