Essay on The United Nations : The End Of The Second World War

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At the end of the Second World War, the United States, Soviet Union and Britain joined forces and created an organization called The United Nations (UN). Its main purpose has been to maintain international peace and avoid conflict and war between nations. Nowadays, almost all the states are active members of the UN. Even though its role is acting as a peacekeeper, there have been several wars around the world resulting in thousands of murders, even genocides, weakening substantially people’s reliance on them.
The strengths and weaknesses in its role of peacekeeping not only depend on them as such. In particular, the UN can only do what its members allow it to do. Some of the failures that have been attributed to them have direct responsibility on its alliances and their violent ways to solve problems. Therefore, despite those limitations, the UN has helped a great number of communities through its peacekeeping forces and the world has certainly been made better for the existence of the Organization .
UN peacekeepers have been involved in different conflicts patrolling boarders, monitoring elections, distributing humanitarian aid, assisting refugees, and even calming and controlling civil wars. Some examples are: The Korean War, The Vietnam War, The Arab-Israeli War, Namibia and Cambodia conflict, Yugoslavia’s war, Somalia-Pakistan conflict, between others.
Some of the experiences, specifically missions in the field that the UN have undertaken since its creation, with their…

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