The United Nations Emergency Force Essay

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weapons. In return, the US threatened the Soviet Union. When the Security Council tried to protest and stop the invasion, Britain and France simply used their veto power. However, when the General Assembly met, they forced the removal of the British and French troops from the area. Lester Pearson of Canada came up with an idea that United Nations emergency force be sent into the Canal. The force would consist of troops from countries who were not involved in the conflict. The force was called the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF). When the peacekeepers were asked to leave later that year, war began. Two months later, the Security Council drew up a ceasefire agreement. The ceasefire prevented a full-scale war and halted the involvement of the superpower countries.

The removal of troops and prevention of war in Egypt was a great success for the United Nations. Lester B. Pearson’s swift action of UNEF forces averted a war between Egypt and Israel. The UNEF forces oversaw the three-aggressor nations (Israel, Britain and France) removal from the Canal and prevented even further hostilities. UNEF forces also kept the Israeli-Egyptian tensions low and kept a cease-fire between the two nations. The Suez crisis of 1956 showed that if the United Nations acted together and dealt with the situation at hand, disputes could be settled without much violence. However, these types of peacekeeping operations require all involved nations to cooperate with the wishes of the United…

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