Essay about The Unique History Of Cuba

1014 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
Over the course of this semester, my fellow classmates and I learned about the unique history of Cuba; mostly surrounding its revolution and the active cultural presence it had. However, the weeks throughout the semester proved to be more than just passing time and attendance in class, but, indeed, a change in history. After the study abroad portion of the class and, shortly thereafter, changes to current U.S.-Cuban relations, I began to wonder what would happen to Cuba in the future. As I continued to research and formulate questions, and the hope of finding answers, to the future of Cuba, I realized that it was a country with a unique background and history. I see now that this country is self-sufficient, in a way that many countries are not able to succeed in being, and were able to show their will to be unique and to truly be Cuba. For my project, I wanted to try and describe this uniqueness, and encourage my classmates to look at Cuba as not a place the United States or any other country needed to save; but, a country that was striving for something great - and that was following a much different path to success than most. However, my overall objective changed to begging the question of how this would all be affected by multiple transparent issues that have arose in the past decade. In my presentation, I examined three main topics: education, public opinion, and government programs. In a personal view, I saw these three topics as best presenting the success and…

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