The Unemployment Rate Of The United States Essay

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For years we’ve heard American people complaining about immigrant workers “stealing” jobs from willing, capable working citizens. With such a large number of people who believe that more Americans should be doing the jobs that immigrants work, why haven’t we seen an increase of citizens working in fields for the farming companies that a majority of immigrants work for? We would expect that because of such a widely voiced opinion we would see more people willing to take the hard jobs in order to make money, however that just is not the case.

Over the past year the unemployment rate of the United States has been at a steady 4.9 percent, however farming companies have been losing produce because of a lack of employees. “Last year, about a quarter of Biringer Farm’s strawberries and raspberries rotted in the field because it couldn’t find enough workers” (On U.S. Farms). With more jobs opening up in the fields how can we get American workers interested in working on farms and in the fields in order to stop losing products, to lower unemployment and altogether make farm work better for future workers? “A lot of workers on my crew were actually guest workers because the companies that said they couldn’t find Americans to fill those jobs… basically any Americans that showed at Dole’s office, or any of these companies that had guest workers, would be guaranteed a job in the fields” (NPR 84). Farming companies are willing to give any American workers a job if they are…

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