Essay about The Underlying Scientific Principles Of The Telephone

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A telephone, or phone, is a device that permits two or more people to talk virtually to each other because they are not present in front of each other. [1]

The Underlying Scientific Principles of the Telephone:

Telephones still operate on the same basic principles that Bell introduced over one hundred years ago. If a person thinks to make a call, they pick up the phone. This causes the phone to establish a connection to a routing network. When the numbers are pressed on a dialing keypad, impluses are sent down the phone line to the routing station. Here, each digit is recognized as a combination of different tone frequency. The number combination causes an impulse to be sent to another handset causing it to ring. When that phone is picked up, a connection is established.
The mouthpiece acts as a microphone. Sound waves from the user 's voice cause a plastic disk inside the phone to vibrate which causes a change in the distance between the plastic disk and another metal disk. The intensity of an electric field between the two disks is altered as a result and a continuously varying current is sent down the line. The receiver on the other phone picks up this field of current. As it enters the receiver, it passes through a set of electromagnets. These magnets cause a metal to vibrate. This alteration in the vibration reproduces the voice that initiated the current. An amplifier in the receiver makes it convenient to hear. When one of the phones is hung the current…

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