The Underground Girls Of Kabul Essay

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In The Underground Girls of Kabul, Jenny Nordberg writes about how fathers and husbands have influenced on women’s lives. In Afghanistan, women’s lives are determined by their father and husband. A father has an absolute authority over his daughter’s marriage. He can decide whom his daughter is going to marry. When a woman is married, her husband can take control of her life. The daughter should always obey her father and husband. In the book, NordBerg writes about the story of several women to show how specific men can determine women’s life in Afghanistan. First, Nordberg describes the life of an educated woman who works at the Parliament. When Azita was young, her father allowed her to go to college, and always discussed political issues with her. However, things are changed when Taliban began to take control of the country. Women’s rights were very limited under the rule of Taliban. A young and educated girl was in a very dangerous position. Her father forced her to marry to her cousin who is uneducated. Her father believes that this marriage can protect Azita and the family. He explains the situation in Afghanistan during that time, “The society was very unsafe for girls, and law and order has broken down completely. If anyone realized you had a beautiful girl or an educated girl in your house, they would just come and take her…but I was forced to give my daughter to my brother’s son…He was the best solution at a time of war.”(292). Azita’s husband has also…

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