The Un Nation 's Peacekeeping Missions Essay

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In the source, Doug Brooks the Founder and President of International Stability Operations Association states that the only countries that provide peacekeeping services during conflicts are among the poorest countries within the world, therefore there is no surprise why the UN peacekeeping keeps failing. Many individuals would argue that the United Nations in many situations has not done enough to resolve crises with the use of peacekeeping services since on occasion it fails and ends the lives of thousands in the process. Also, many automatically think that only the poorest countries provide peacekeeping services since they make up the majority of the troops. However, the majority of the financial support for the UN nation’s peacekeeping missions is funded by some of the wealthiest nations in the world therefore it can be said that countries all around the world regardless of financial stability provide peacekeeping services. Despite all the times the UN has failed in their peacekeeping mission, there have been many times when the UN has succeeded and changed history forever. The times that the UN has succeeded should not be undermined by the times it has failed because it has saved thousands of lives and implemented an effective way to resolve conflicts that is still used today. Peacekeeping services are necessary in order to maintain international security and safety. Upon explanation it is clear that due to wealthy nations contributing a majority of the financial…

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