The Un High Commission For Refugees Essay examples

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There are other services that are available to women; one of the most important involves violence prevention. It appears that over half of the interviewed women have been threatened at some point in their lives, 55% have been abused physically, 34% have been victimized financially, and 17% are victims of sexual violence (Ba-Obaid, M., & C.J.H. Bijleveld, C.). Women have to take the precautions of not going out at night and always having someone accompany them. The UN High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), through its local and international implementing partners (IP), provides women and girl refugees in Yemen with health-, protection-, and food services, as well as assistance to tackle other challenges faced by urban refugees (Violence against women is neither inevitable nor acceptable). The UNHCR is also dedicated to preventing sexual and gender based violence. Many women and girls, from Africa, migrate to Yemen to escape war, persecution, and famine in their countries. These migrant women as well as Yemenite women are vulnerable to human traffickers, abductors, robbers, assault, and rapists. IOM and partner organizations currently conduct screening and direct assistance of vulnerable migrants and victims of trafficking in Sana’a, Aden, Haradh, Taiz and Hodeida (Violence against women is neither inevitable nor acceptable). They spread awareness of trafficking and directly assist with psychosocial care, medical care, shelter, legal services, life-skills training, economic…

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