Breakthrough: Violence And Discrimination Against Women

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Throughout the years, women have been stereotyped as weak, vulnerable, and unable to succeed. Sexism has played a major role in the lives of many women leading them to domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment. Even women in pop culture are being targeted on a daily bases just for their sex. Luckily Breakthrough, a Non-Government Organization, helps to end the violence and discrimination against women of all ages. Breakthrough has many ways to help females, who feel as if they are alone, to overcome their disturbances that they face daily.
Since the year 2000, Breakthrough has been working to address the issues that have been affecting many females, ranging of all ages, in the United States. Breakthrough has four current programs
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The first program focuses on sexual assault on college campuses. As we know, college campuses have a high rate of women being sexually assaulted; therefore Breakthrough does their best to spread their knowledge to help females. In this program, they are reducing and preventing “sexual violence on campus by working to make it unacceptable” (“Breakthrough USA”, 2016). The focal point of the second program is sexual harassment in public areas. Some public places that Breakthrough USA (2016) mentions are “bars, parties, on the bus or the street, from crude gestures to unwelcome touch” where females are harassed and taking advantage of. Their third program addresses violence against women in pop culture. This programs targets what society would consider acceptable for women as it is seen on media and pop culture. Media believes that portraying females negatively is the right thing to do since people who are watching, takes it as assessment instead of realizing it is wrong. Lastly, media exposes women as sex objects and shows younger girls what a perfect image is which is damaging to a girl’s self confidence and changes their perception on other women. Finally, Breakthrough’s fourth program addresses the issue of domestic violence and bringing it to an end. Domestic violence is putting a “severe impact on the health of individuals, families, …show more content…
The main focus of Breakthrough is to allow females to be who they desire to be and have an equal opportunity as men do. Article one discusses how all people are born free and equal, which is related directly to this organization. Without this article humans would be born without the same opportunities as others are, this organization fights for the rights of women and their equality. However, in article two not only are equal rights protected but it also protects people of all kinds and not excluding them due to religion, language and most importantly sex. Breakthrough advocates for women of all kind to be as equal as all men are allowing women to be independent and capable to succeed in this

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