Essay about The Uk 's Metropolitan Police Service

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In conclusion, I believe that the UK 's Metropolitan Police Service are institutionally racist to a small extent in the sense that even though have learnt some lessons from the MacPherson report on the Inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence and have tried to implement MacPherson 's recommendations into their system; they still have issues regarding to the amount the stop and searched on BME’s. However, one of MacPherson’s recommendations was to increase the amount of black and ethnic minority officers in the force, and the Metropolitan Police Service has done so to a small extent whereby they increased the number of black and ethnic minority of officers from been 2% in 1993 to over 4% by the end of 2008. The target has since been abandoned and the latest numbers for 2012 show that the proportion has reached 5%. However, statistically speaking, since the publication of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry, it is clear to see that the number of stop and searches on black and ethnic minorities has doubled. I therefore can assume that recommendation to improve the disproportionate rate of stop and searches on black and ethnic minorities has not been taken onboard as the figures clearly have doubled since 1993. It is safe to say that the Police force in the UK have tried to improve its actions, behaviour and attitudes, but over the last years they haven 't been successful in fixing the issue of disproportionate rates of stop and search on ethnic minorities and therefore…

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