Essay on The Ucc And The Puritan And Pilgrim Histories

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The UCC is both a very young tradition and a very old church. We are four traditions with significant history, filled with both beauty and ugliness, that combined to create something new, in 1957. As a former Catholic, I love and appreciate history, and where history matters most and is most fascinating is looking at how different strands change or end or wind into the present and the future, often in surprising ways. The UCC traces its roots back to four different denominations, each of which brought unique history and characteristics.
The UCC is a continuation of the four strands and is more than the four strands. The Congregationalists were our most famous progenitors. Most Americans have some exposure to the Congregationalists through American History and American Literature courses, but it can be difficult to see how the modern UCC came from the Puritan and Pilgrim histories. I first read “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God” in a junior high literature class. It was scary, and in some ways might have contributed to my teen belief that Christians can be crazy. The God of Jonathon Edwards is not the God I follow, mostly. I come closer to a belief in Universal Salvation than in a wrathful God dangling souls over a fire with a strand of spider silk. When asked if even Hitler might be in Heaven, I respond- maybe, yes. Yes, he might be. Personally, I wouldn’t put him there, yet God is far more loving and merciful, and that is as it should be. The God I believe in…

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