The Tyranny Of Market And Hong Kong

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In both episodes they speak of freedom and the definition of it, which is making choices. In the episode “The Power of Markets” Milton Friedman talked about Hong Kong and their government. In the episode “The Tyranny of Control” Milton Friedman talked about the idea of free trade and how government should have little to do with it. Both episodes give room to have different opinions and in this country you are allowed to have and express those opinions. “The Power of Markets” talks much about jobs and freedom to do what they please in Hong Kong. Natural resources in Hong Kong are scarce so they had to find another way to make themselves profitable. They became the famous source of trade. They didn’t place any tariffs or duties so it made it easy and preferred by other countries to do their trading right off the coast of Hong Kong. This gave them the opportunity to transform where was once rock to now be on of the most successful places in Asia. …show more content…
Workers in Hong Kong work in large warehouses with low wages, hot atmosphere, and health code violations. This may all seem like a place where no one would work but these warehouses are packed with people who want these jobs and are thankful for it. The jobs may be hard, but the growth and achievements it gives them is real. In Hong Kong the workers have the ability to choose between higher wages or a better working environment. Majority of the workers choose to receive higher wages in a bad working environment. This is not how China treats their workers. The workers do not get a say in how much they are paid and the working conditions are very poor. They have no freedom or better job opportunities. The free market system of Hong Kong gives the poor laborers the best opportunity to advance the there is competition for their

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