The Type Of Conflict Is Approach Avoidance Essay

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The next type of conflict is approach-avoidance. When dealing with this type of conflict a person is faced with a single decision, but that decision is made up of both good and bad parts. People are faced with this type of conflict all of the time. The approach-avoidance conflict is often very hard to resolve. Once the decision is made, as you get closer to that goal anticipation and excitement builds, this happens due to the strengthening approach gradient for the positive aspect of the conflict. When approaching the negative side of the conflict the avoidance gradient kicks in, which causes dread and sort of kills the excitement. As the event gets closer, when the approach gradient is larger than avoidance gradient we go ahead with our decision. When the avoidance gradient is stronger we will usually bail on our commitment. This is why once a decision is made, and the event approaches, we often second guess our decision. This going back and forth, otherwise known as vacillation, can be very stressful. I was faced with this type of conflict when I was trying to decide whether or not to get a job while I was in college. I thought about getting a job because I really need the money. It would reduce a lot of my stress, and relieve some guilt about the cost of college, by reducing some financial burden on my family. The negative side of this decision was that classes already took up so much time, I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with my school work and…

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