The Two Mental Health Disorders, Schizophrenia And Anorexia And Will Be Evaluating There Approaches

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In this essay, I will be discussing the causes of the two mental health disorders, Schizophrenia and Anorexia and will be evaluating there approaches. I will then also discuss and evaluate three Therapeutic treatments used to combat these illnesses and any ethical implications raised by them.
Schizophrenia is also known as a severe mental disorder, which can affect thinking, language, perception and the sense of self. It sometimes includes psychotic experiences, such as hearing voices or delusions. It can affect functioning through the loss of an acquired capability to earn a livelihood, or the disruption of studies. (World health organisation, 2014, online)
The Biological Approach sees the cause of schizophrenia as physiological. The biological explanation includes both genetic factors and biochemical factors. Schizophrenia can be inherited and has a genetic link. The common view is that schizophrenia is caused by a combination of genes instead of one specific gene. There have been many studies which establish the effect that genetic genes have on Schizophrenia.
The cognitive approach sees the cause of schizophrenia as a problem with processing information. It is thought that schizophrenics have differing beliefs and these beliefs influence their different types of behaviour. For example, a schizophrenic may believe what was in fact an impartial message from someone, maybe a personal attack. Schizophrenics also have an inability to reflect on their own…

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