The Twin Union Victories At Gettysburg And Vicksburg Essay

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The twin Union victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg both took places on anniversaries celebrated by both the North and South, which caused many people to view it at God’s displeasure with the South. The Northern home front’s morale was also boosted though, in which they considered both campaigns a victory. Also, people would later look back and view the Gettysburg as a decisive turning point in the war, and also as the beginning of the end of the Confederacy.
2. The Conscription Act made a majority of the northerners furious, mainly because of the commutation fee of three hundred dollars to buy their way out of service. That amount of money was an average year’s pay for an unskilled laborer which led to claims that it was a “rich man’s war, and a poor man’s fight.” About a fifth of the men drafted refused to report for duty, while many dodged the draft by fleeing their communities, some even going so far as Canada to escape the war all together. Many who did show up for duty eventually deserted. Protests spread through northern towns which included riots, looting stores, burning draft records, clashing with soldiers and police, and even attacking people that looked like “three hundred dollar men.” Some city governments even went so far as to pay commutation fees for poor men in their communities.
3. The battle of Chickamauga was neither begun by the Union or the Confederacy; they both came upon each other by surprise and began fighting in dense woods and thickets. The…

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