Essay about The Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare

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The Twelfth Night, a complex love story. The events of the play may seem predictable, but there are many plot twists. Backstabbing, being one, can be very unpleasant at times. People can be spontaneous while backstabbing. This can effect a variety of different types of love seen in the play, Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare. As characters throughout the scenes in the play evolved, so did their emotional status. Malvolio started as a humorless, mundane man. Three of his friends included Maria, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew. Sir Toby and Sir Andrew are immensely good friends who loved to grab drinks and stay in jubilation. Maria acted as the brains in this group, so she can be considered the mastermind of the surreptitious scheme. One character, different from many, is a very aesthetic woman of high ranking. Her name is Olivia, and she had stated that she will mourn her dead brother for seven years. Malvolio failed to see the secretive backstabbing from his friends, and fell into their scheme of falling in love with Olivia. This whole scenario shows the spontaneous acts of characters that leads to a superfluous situation. It is dangerous when one is caught in a joke that exceeds its boundaries. In Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare illustrates the emotional evolution of Malvolio, in order to examine the dangers that can unfold between love and friendship. On the other hand, Malvolio 's emotional state before his evolution was not benevolent. He had friendship, but never…

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