Essay about The Turn Of The Screw By Henry James

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When facing the truth, often the mind cannot comprehend the events that are dear to you and your beliefs. In The Turn of the Screw, Henry James’s critically acclaimed novella, he presents a point of view that provides visuals and insight into the narrator’s mind, who fundamentally deals with supernatural forces. Nevertheless, through different interpretations, the reliability of the narrator can be in question, and the reader may see this as more than just a ghost story. This is evident by the governess’s own confessions, thought the process and concrete evidence that Henry James hides really well. The book took publication during the Victorian era, where little to no emphasis was based on the idea of mental health. When researched and analyzed, it is clear that the story is about a mentally ill human that is struggling to accept her surroundings and facing her realities. These realities are her mind deluding her memory, and the demons she claims to see are a projection of her inner fears. When the governess first arrives at Bly, her incapability of realizing that these two children are not hers, leads her to be defensive when threatened by the ghost she was seeing. When the governess first encounters a sighting with Flora by the lake, it can be evident for an example of this. “No, for God’s sake don’t! She’ll say she isn’t – she’ll lie!” (James 157). When asked by Mrs. Grose if she should confront Flora and confirm the sighting, the governess rejects this…

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