The Truth About Smartphone Addiction Essay

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In his article Dennis McCafferty explains that out of the 1,150 Americans, “48% of survey participants say they wouldn 't hide the fact that they 're using a smartphone in a place of worship” (Smartphone Addiction Reaching New Heights). This need for one to have his or her eyes constantly looking at a device’s screen is even coming into play in some of the most inappropriate environments. The fact that nearly half of the people surveyed admitted to the use of a smartphone in a place of worship is not only alarming but could also be considered sacrilege. Most would also agree that it is impolite and disrespectful, not only in this instance, but for almost any public event or gathering. If people cannot stay off of their phones for a few hours in a place as sacred as a church or synagogue, then what could be next, using a smartphone at a funeral? In their article “The Truth About Smartphone Addiction” the authors inform that, “Restaurants,banks,and post offices are among the first public spaces to display ‘no cell phone’ signs”(Bell et al.) These signs are share a striking resemblance to the common “No Smoking” signs that can be found in most establishments. The upshot of this is that these signs are obviously being put up because cell phone use is becoming a more prominent problem than in recent years, so much that restaurants need these signs to deter the use of mobile devices. In addition, since cell phone use is becoming as severe of a problem as cancer causing tobacco…

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