Essay on The Truman Doctrine And The Marshall Plan

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With the establishment of the Truman doctrine and the Marshall Plan, the Truman administration imposed NSC-68 (after the fall of Nanjing Regime in China during 1949 to Mao Zedong). NSC-68 concluded that the only plausible way to deter the Soviet Union was for President Harry Truman to support a massive build-up of both conventional and nuclear arms. More specifically, such a program should seek to protect the United States and its allies from Soviet land and air attacks, maintain lines of communications, and enhance the technical superiority of the United States. In order to fund the substantial increase in military spending the government is required increase taxes and reduce other expenditures. With hostile policies and plans, the United States further aggravated the Cold War by establishing Radio free Europe and Radio Liberty to inspire anti-communist sentiment in the Eastern Bloc. With frequent military interventions and military assistance to anti-communist regimes in countries like, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam and Chile, the relation between United States and Soviet Union collapsed. The Cold War, in one sense, was a power struggle between the two nuclear military giants of the age, the United States and the Soviet Union. But on a more basic level, the Cold War was a contest between two opposing ways of life. One was democratic capitalism, whose leading representatives were the United States and the nations of Western Europe. The other was totalitarian Communism, the…

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