Essay on The True Man For All Seasons

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The True Man for All Seasons Throughout all spans of time society has exhibited the strange tenacity for assigning labels to anything and anyone. In most instances these affectations are frivolous, egotistical, unnecessary, or wholly misplaced. However, when assigning the singular title of “The Bard,” no such frivolity or error exists. William Shakespeare is The Bard, and a man who shines brighter than any other in the firmament of English literature. The stature of William Shakespeare is eternal. No one is quoted more than The Bard. Shakespeare’s words and phrases exist as the threads holding the meaning of Life’s tailored fabric in perfect fit. Yet, the use of words and the turn of a phrase are more importantly the product of thought – the expressions of the mind’s explorations and discoveries. Through the masterful depictions of dramatic conflict and comedic predicament, William Shakespeare defined the soul common to us all. As the Renaissance reached from Italy to the North, humanist writers such as Francois Rabelais and Desiderius Erasmus set the tone for new literary discourse. Challenging the absolutist ecclesiastical stance of the Church in Rome, these humanist writers espoused both “the goodness of human nature” and that “the human will was free” (Matthews 354-355). From these and other humanist authors came the inspiration for expansion of open thought and freedom of creative theme in Northern Renaissance literature (355). Following Dante’s use of the…

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