The Trojan War, And The Odyssey Essay

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Ancient Greeks believed in many gods, who lived at the top of Olympus, the highest mountain in Greece. They believed that their gods, who were immortal, had the power to control everything, and that means their lives too. In general, the relations between people and gods were friendly most of the times, but the gods delivered some punishment to people who showed offensive behavior. All the Greek myths defined these gods’ lives and actions, and most of the stories are about how they interacted with human beings. All these mythologies can be found in the works of Homer. Homer produced Iliad, which is about the events of the Trojan War, and the Odyssey, which explains in detailed the travels of Odysseus.
Without leaders or rulers, this world would be chaotic, because leaders are what helps shape the world. In Greek Mythology, Zeus and Poseidon are the leaders that help build the Olympian world. During the ancient years, Greeks had Zeus as their perfect ruler and king. Zeus was the head of the gods, and the divine father of gods and people. He was also the god of the sky, weather, kings and other. Poseidon on the other hand, was the ruler of the sea, who controlled less important sea gods. Poseidon, unlike every other god, lived in the sea, but he was still united with the other heavenly gods. Zeus and Poseidon were the divine rulers, when Heracles was the human ruler, who after his death became god.
Before Zeus though, his father, Kronos was the ruler of Olympus. The Titan…

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