The Trojan War: An Introduction To The Trojan War

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Introduction to the Trojan War

For the longest time the trojan war was thought to be only a myth, that is until about 100 years ago when archeologists found the reminence of ruins in the place that was traditionally Troy in Homer 's stories. the timelines of the ruins was around the year 1250 B.C.E. which matches the timeline of the trojan war story beginnings. The story is used the most in Homer’s the Iliad and the Odyssey, although other poets before him added to the stories and legends of all the heros and the battles. today you can find many different versions of the trojan war as scholars are still not sure of the exact when, and whys. they did find very interesting artifacts and many different skeletons that match those of a rampage
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Learning from a prophet that they could only win the war with the help of telephus, the greeks commissioned achilles to heal his victim and then they went on their way to aulis but a strong wind kept them from sailing to troy and Calchas declared that the goddess Artemis wanted a sacrifice of a virgin, agamemnon’s daughter was sacrificed and they greeks sailed to troy where Odysseus and Menelaus were sent to proposition the trojans and claim helen, paris declined and the greeks declared war. The soldiers stood, one side facing another and fought. Many small battles rage between the two, the gods are of course involved and the sides take turns pushing each other back. apollo, artemis, Ares, and aphrodite sided with the Trojans. hera (the queen of the gods), Athena, Poseidon, hermes, and Hephaestus sided with the greeks. the greeks also had a slew of heroes including Agamemnon, Menelaus, Nestor, Odysseus, and Achilles, there was also diomedes and two Ajaxes. The trojans had a hero themselves, aeneas, who was a neighboring ally. Hector, who was the strength of the Trojans, even though he knew his home land would …show more content…
There was a lot of tension in the camp especially between Achilles and Agamemnon, Agamemnon had taken a prisoner of war a young daughter of a priest of apollo, the priest prayed to his god and apollo sent a plague that killed many of the greeks. achilles demanded that Agamemnon give the girl back and Agamemnon begrudgingly agreed but at the price of achilles’s prisoner. Achilles agreed but withdrew from the war. When the trojans saw this they attacked. A truce was granted and Paris fought Menelaus in single handed combat, it seemed that menelaus would win but aphrodite swept Paris away in a storm and took him back to troy. Athena forced a man to shoot an arrow at Menelaus, and the fighting

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