The Triumph Of Love Yarico Analysis

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The themes of morality, love, and slavery are prominent throughout both The Triumphs of Love and Inkle and Yarico. Both plays include a storyline full of love and queries on the right decision versus what is expected by society. When undercover there is another compelling issue that the author seeks to address. The authors try to show how slavery is wrong by presenting the play in a way that its audience will understand. In turn, the authors are able to reveal the fallacy in their beliefs and theories concerning slavery and forcing people in bondage. First, the authors present the characters according to how people perceived black people during that time when the play was written. Yarico in Inkle and Yarico, and Sambo in Triumphs of …show more content…
The idea of choosing between what will bring a person honour and what is in the person’s heart (their true intentions). In The Triumphs of Love, Mr. Manly states “what contest I have had between love and honour, but love has triumphed” (Murdock 39). Later, at the end of the story, George says “I hope, by forming a connexion with this amiable woman, that virtuous love will triumph over what foibles and vices I may have had”(Murdock 83). George seems to believe that by marrying a virtuous woman, he can redeem himself of his past mistakes and bad dealings. Once again, it is believed that making the right decision will alleviate redemption and make the individual a person of true integrity and worthiness. Inkle struggles with doing the right thing from the beginning of the story, until the end. In Inkle and Yarico, Inkle is perceived as someone who is vicious because he was not bold enough to make a decision based on how he felt and what was right rather than what would profit him and make him richer. The play demonstrates how far one can go before it is too far and beyond the line of what is acceptable. Trufle was frustrated with Inkle because he could not understand how he could sell Yarico when she had practically saved their lives. The plays presents a love story, which can distract the audience. Throughout the play, the characters struggle with the idea of virtue and morality. Then on the precipice of the play, it

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