The Trials Of The Salem Witch Trials Essay

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Many centuries have passed since the infamous Salem Witch Trials happened. Since then, many religions have been created going against the Puritan ways. After the trials, many theories have been made, contemplating how the trials themselves began. Many theories have sided with the fact, that the girls were tricked by Abigail Williams or that the Devil himself was part of the ordeal. Since no one can really say what happened, more hypotheses are made over time, but many agree that these trials created a genocide that caused fear in the people, even to this day. The Salem Witch Trials would have never taken place had one thing not happen, but the trails had to happen so the people would feel safe in their own town. Readers know the witch trials from what they have read in books such as The Crucible, but are not sure themselves whether it is true or not. It is unknown what caused the Salem Witch Trials, whether it was trickery, mental illness, sickness or wickedness, the witch trials did convince people of one thing, something was wrong.
In the spring of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, the horrifying trials of accused evildoers began. With rumors of evil being spread around like wildfire, the townspeople did not want to believe at first, but when the first group of girls were found in the forest, dancing half naked and screaming, the townspeople believed the worse. There was a supposed witch among them, is what the townspeople thought. With a town full of Puritan worshipers, they…

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