Essay on The Trial Of The Scottsboro Boys

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Around the time of the Civil Rights Movement, racism was prominent. Many blacks were faced with discrimination and inequality. Racism is shown brilliantly in Harper Lee’s novel To Kill a Mockingbird and the famous trials of the “Scottsboro Boys”. In the Scottsboro trials, nine black boys were accused and found guilty of raping two white women. Similarities are proven to be seen in both trials between the attitudes and backgrounds of the characters. However, the physical evidence in one trial is stronger than the other trial’s evidence. The events introducing the Scottsboro case began on March 25, 1931. A group of white and black young boys were riding the Southern Railroad’s Chattanooga to Memphis freight (Linder, “The Trial of the Scottsboro Boys”). Consequently, the harassment of Haywood Patterson, a black boy, caused a fight to break out between the groups of whites and blacks (Linder, “The Trial of the Scottsboro Boys”). As the fight continued, many whites were forced off the freight by the young blacks (Linder, “The Trial of the Scottsboro Boys”). Eventually the kicked off white boys, who were filled with anger, arrived in Stevenson and reported the black boys as having assaulted them to a stationmaster (Linder, “The Trial of the Scottsboro Boys”). Once the train was stopped, nine black boys were arrested, and the boys would forever be known as the “Scottsboro Boys” (Linder, “The Trial of the Scottsboro Boys”). Victoria Price and Ruby Bates, who were also…

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