The Trial Of The Defendants Before Me Essay

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The trial of the defendants before me, your honor, is an act of injustice. The entirety of these Nuremberg Trials is illegitimate, clouded by irrational, unjust, and hypocritical accusations that at their core sprout from the victor’s justice of the Allied justices that come from France, England, America, Russia, and countries of the like. When I turn my head in search of a justice whose bias doesn’t lie with Allies and when I search for a justice whose conscience isn’t subjugated by victor’s justice I find no one. Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Goebells, and other sovereigns of the Nazi government are certainly culpable of many crimes. But do you see them sitting here awaiting trial? They have done the justice for us and taken their own lives. With that the trial should be unnecessary shouldn’t it be? The malignancy of Hitler has already been absolved with his willful swallowing of a cyanide pill. Why then must you go through with this tediously lengthy trial that serves no purpose? The defendants before me are the subordinates of Hitler, who, during the existence of the Nazi government, were intoxicated by his ostensible invincibility and omniscience. What greater punishment can you inflict on a nation than causing the death of its sovereign? Thus introduces the driving force of this trial that is victor’s justice.

Another driving force of this trial is Ex Post Facto Law. The British government along with other allied governments acknowledged the legitimacy of the…

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