The Treaty Of Versai Did Cause The Start If Wwii Essay

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In my opinion, the treaty of versai did cause the start if WWII. .
• The treatie of versallie is a treatie that was signed in 1919, after World War I, hoping to bring an end to it.
• The treatie was supposed to end it, but unluckily, it was the cause for World War II.
• It placed a number of limitations on the people of Germany.
• There were many settlements in the treaty, one of the main treaty was that Germany had to take blame for the war and make compensations to the members under Dawes Plan and Young Plan.
• The Dawes and Young plan was sponsored by U.S and it presented a solution to these challenges.
• Even though Germans agreed to pay the compensations for the war, it got cancelled in 1932.
• It has 15 parts and 440 articles in it.
• It was written without the participation of the Germans and so they signed it under objection.
• The U.S did not approve the treaty and also did not take any responsibility.

This is a cartoon which asks if the treaty of versallies cause the WWII.
• It was one of the most harmful and damaging wars.
• And Nearly ten million soldiers died in World War I.
• The huge losses caused the introduction of new weapons like machine gun and gas warfare.
So in order to officially bring an end to world war I, the treaty of versallies was signed.And it was signed by Germany and the Allied nations which includes France, Italy, Britain and Russia. And The treaty was signed in the versigh (versallies) palace…

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