The Treatment Of Outpatient Treatment Therapy Essay

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patients usually following inpatient treatment. They are very beneficial in helping people make the transition back to leading an independent, drug-free life. Some services provided to patients are helping them to learn how to manage finances, seek employment opportunities, and how to connect with support services in their communities (NIDA, 2014a).
Outpatient behavioral treatment is an option more often recommended to those that have the support and motivation to quit using or for those who aren’t as far along or consumed in their addiction as others. Outpatient treatment allows you to continue living your daily life and attend school or your job as normal, with the exception that you make the meetings required of the program. They are usually intensive at first where patients attend multiple sessions each week, and transition to fewer and shorter sessions per week. Most of these programs involve individual and/or group counseling and perform in a similar way to inpatient programs. One particular example of a type of group counseling session offered would be multidimensional family therapy. This is aimed at adolescents and their families and improving the overall functionality of the family as well as addressing the range of influences on drug use patterns (NIDA, 2014b).
Outpatient treatment usually works best in combination with attendance at self-help meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), or its analogue, Narcotics Anonymous (NA). The basis of these programs is…

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