Essay on The Treadway Tire Company

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The Treadway Tire Company:
Job Dissatisfaction and High Turnover at the Lima Tire Plant
Case Analysis and Action Plan

Lima was one of Treadway’s best plants in terms of productivity and quality control because it updated its equipment and utilized new technology. However, currently, Lima undergoes dramatic changes: job dissatisfaction and high turnover at the foreman level. Moreover, misfortunes never come singly. The entire manufacturer industry is facing some huge challenges including drastic increase in raw material costs and fierce global competition. The director of human resources in Lima plant, Ashley Wall, intended to analyze the issues and make a action plan to address these problems. Ashley needs to do five steps.
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Therefore, she needs a budget statement to prove the cost of employee turnover is much higher than the cost of training program. Because the cost of Treadway Company has already been on the high level, Ashley also needs the budget statement to indicate how much money the company will save after the training program implements.
Moreover, it is important that Ashley should reduce the pressure which is on the foremen and supervisors for immediate results on things that are out of their control. If the pressure on the foremen and supervisors increases constantly, the turnover rates will be much higher and the productivity of employee will decrease. The best way that exerting pressure to employee is there should be enough resources to make them succeed. Once there are no additional resources, Ashley should not increase pressure to employee any more. Otherwise, the company will be failure definitely.
Finally, Ashley should also take time to address the shift schedules problem. She needs to collect employees’ feedbacks that would help her know the root causes of job dissatisfaction and create an action plan to solve the causes. In fact, the shift schedules are a main reason of job dissatisfaction because current shift period is much longer than the employee can endure, so Ashley needs to make some reasonable adjustments.
In order to solve the situation, Ashley has to spend a large

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