The Transition Of Former Offenders Essay

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Reentry is "A broad term that refers to the issues related to the transition of ex-offenders from incarceration to community and specifically involves using programs that promote the effective reintegration of ex-offenders into communities when they are released from prison and jail" (Prisoner Reentry: Coming to a Community Near You). Over thirty years, the United State has seen a steady growth of people being incarcerated. While the number of people incarcerated have been decreasing, as of 2012 there are still two million people still incarcerated in prison and jails in the US. Also, “since 1990 an average of 590,400 inmates have been released annually from state and federal prisons and almost 5 million ex-offenders are under some form of community-based supervision” (James, 2015). While some prisoners will be released and return to the community, there are ex-offenders that are likely to go back to jail or prison. Most ex-offenders are less educated, not probable to earn a job, and have a history of mental illness or substance abuse, which have been risk factors for recidivism. Because of this, there are three phases associated with offender reentry programs: “programs that take place during incarceration, which aim to prepare offenders for their eventual release; programs that take place during offenders’ release period, which seek to connect ex-offenders with the various services they may require; and long-term programs that take place as ex-offenders permanently…

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