The Transformation Of The Early Twentieth Century Character And The Beginning Transformation Into A Modern Office Complex

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Em reached for her vibrating cell phone in her jean pocket. Her best friend Ash’s name showed on the screen, but the afternoon sun’s movement would soon cast a shadow on the building she was photographing. Shoving the phone back into her pocket she continued shooting the reconstruction of the slum building into its former glory. Em captured the architect’s vision of the early twentieth-century character and the beginning transformation into a modern office complex.
Twenty shots later her assignment on Urban Restoration in Minneapolis completed.
Greg, the magazine editor should be pleased. The pictures she shot of different degrees of the city’s planning and renovation over the last three days would suffice the magazine for months of articles.
Her eye for capturing unique details that many photographers missed gave her the reputation of most talented photographer at least that’s what most editors said when they requested her. Em looked for the understated beauty of the subject making it the focal point and always took more shots than necessary to fulfill the assignment. Doing so led to her success as a freelancer —a highly paid one.
While Em walked out of the sectioned mazelike courtyard toward the street where she parked car her phone vibrated again. In haste she fumbled to stow her camera into the bag hanging off her shoulder in the process the shutter clicked away from her finger touching the sensitive button.
Oh well, I will have a few extra pictures although, they…

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