The Trans Feminine Side Of The Lgbt Community Essay

1124 Words Dec 10th, 2015 5 Pages
Almost everyone nowadays knows of the LGBT+ community. However, people seem to forget the T of LGBT. At least, they forget what it actually means. Several people have misconceptions about what transgender means. The first thought their brain goes to is drag, which is not even an element of it. Transgender is actually when somebody is born into what they recognize as the wrong body. They feel as if they identify with another sex rather than their own. This essay will focus on only one side, the trans-masculine side, which is usually assigned female at birth people identifying as transgender. It will talk about physical and mental struggles, social relations, and supporting transgender people. Initially, there are several struggles they face, physical and mental. One of their major mental struggles is dysphoria. Dysphoria is the state of misery due to discomfort from their body, and how they are viewed by people around them. It can cause depression, anxiety, and other symptoms. If it is severe enough, it can interfere with everyday life. For nearly all trans-masculine people, it usually pertains to their chests, voices, and body types. One way of alleviating a bit of this dysphoria by wearing a chest binder. However, it is not a cure-all. They are expensive, they press into their ribs, and if they are worn for too long it can even break their ribs. Not to mention, it is only a temporary solution. Once they are eighteen or living by theirselves, they begin striving for top…

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