The Trajectory Of U.s. Foreign Relations Essay

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The trajectory of U.S. foreign relations was well in place prior to the Mexican-American war, but was pushed further by the actions that took place therein. America was guided by a resurgence of the Monroe Doctrine under President Polk. This resurgence and in the spirit of Manifest Destiny, the American people, most notably expansionist democrats, pushed to expand the nation westward, and take control of the lands from coast to coast. This control was gained with a victory over Mexico in the aforementioned war, and with a peaceful resolution between President Polk and Britain, over the land in the Oregon Territory. Once both of these were completed, America stretched from “sea to shining sea”. From this point, foreign relations began to be bolstered by the thought of America becoming a “Global Power” much to the likes of Britain at that time. One step to legitimizing this new found power was the use of the Tyler Doctrine, which came out 4 years before the Mexican-American war. The use of this Doctrine though was to establish dominance over and with Hawaii and its sovereignty. America was beginning to show greater interest in the Pacific and East Asia since the growth of the nation, and the establishment of coastal prowess from California and Oregon. The interest sparked was new trade with China, and later on with Japan. The trade with China was slow and tedious, as the Chinese did not trust America fully, and compared them to the English, with whom they have had…

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