The Tragic Hero Of Sophocles ' Antigone Essay

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What characteristics make up a tragic hero? Some characteristics of an excellent tragic hero are born into nobility, responsible for their own fate, endowed with a tragic flaw, doomed to make a serious error in judgement, meet tragic death and etc. In the play Antigone by Sophocles, the play talks about how Creon became king because he was the next family member to be the ruler of the town. He came up with a law and if anyone broke it, they would face stoning in the town square. Because of Creon’s tragic flaw, he has lost his family to death. Creon was born into nobility, realized that he made an irreversible mistake, and was endowed with a tragic flaw, which are all strong characteristics that make Creon a tragic hero.
Being born into nobility is the first characteristic that shows that Creon is a tragic hero. Creon represents that he is born into nobility when he announces to the people that he is the new king. He says to the people, “. . . As the next in blood, have succeeded to the full power of the throne.” Creon is born into nobility because when he says “next in blood”, this part of the quote is saying that you are part of the family of the nobles by blood. Also, when he says “full power of the throne”, this means that once the ruler above you steps down you are next in line for the power of the throne. Another example of Creon being born into nobility is when the town 's people acknowledge him as the new king. They said, “. . . But now at last our new…

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